Terminal Block PT Technology

Terminal Block Connection - PT Technology

Push-in connection terminal block technology is simply fast and easy to connect simply by insertion & disconnect with any tool, even with a pen.

Phoenix Contact's Push-In connection (PT) is the newest terminal blocks is characterized by easy and direct conductor connection as the insertion forces is greatly reduced by 50 percent compared with other spring-technology products.

EL ADVANCED AUTOMATION, being authorized distributor and a system integrator partner for Phoenix Contact in Singapore, introducing to you the latest innovation of terminal block connection - PT technology. The modular PT terminal blocks are easy to operate and reduce fatigue. They are ideal for installations with limited space or hard-to-access wiring. Available in a 2.5 mm2 cross section, the PT series accepts ferrules between 22 AWG and 14 AWG.

The orange actuation button opens the spring to the maximum wiring space of 14 AWG, resulting in fast, easy-to-access wiring and touch-proof safety. The universal button is compatible with any type of tool, even a pen. The PT series features approximately 100 part numbers, including feed-through, multi-level function, component and pluggable terminal blocks. As part of the CLIPLINE Complete system, PT terminals are compatible with standardized push-in bridging, marking and testing accessories for all connection technologies, providing maximum flexibility.