QUINT SFB Power Supply

SELECTIVE FUSE BREAKING Technology - Innovative Power Supply for every application

Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) Technology ensures continuous power supply, being not affected by the fault path caused by short-circuits etc., ensuring overall system availability.


This new range of power supply is appropriate for a wide range of applications covering not only traditional industrial automation industry, but also semiconductor industry (Semi F47-200), marine offshore, solar, wind turbine, telecommunications, process control, etc.

Introduces the QUINT SFB family of industrial grade power supplies from Phoenix Contact. EL ADVANCED AUTOMATION , being authorized distributor and a system integrator partner for Phoenix Contact in Singapore, introducing to you the QUINT SFB features Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB).

Benefits Highlight:

Quick tripping of standard circuit breakers - the SFB technology provides up to six times nominal current for 12 ms. This short burst of current allows individual circuit breakers to react to overloads. Faulty current paths are shut down, while the power supply continues to deliver power to the other loads.

Preventive function monitoring warns against critical operating states before errors occur - critical operating states are reported early to the control system, thanks to the permanent monitoring of the output voltage and current. Remote monitoring is provided by an active switching output and a relay contact.

Reliable starting of heavy loads with static POWER BOOST reserve with permanently up to 1.5 times the nominal current - the SFB technology’s power reserve is very useful and reliable for starting heavy loads with high start-up current peaks. However, the reliability of the power supply itself is not alone important; the secondary protection also plays a significant role when it involves plant and system availability.

The QUINT SFB industrial grade power supplies also include expanded diagnostics. When the power supply is operating under nominal conditions, a "DC OK" LED indicates the status locally, while a dry contact provides remote indication. In Power Boost, the QUINT SFB has an additional LED and transistor output to indicate the power supply is supplying more than nominal current. During overload conditions, the "DC OK" LED and its corresponding dry contact output change state to indicate possible fault conditions.

An additional benefit of the SFB technology's static power reserves is reliable starting of heavy loads with high inrush currents. Like the other QUINT SFB products, the new version incorporates additional diagnostic feedback elements. The power supply offers early warning diagnostics through a local Power Boost yellow LED and a Power Boost dry contact. This additional signaling provides an early warning before the power supply enters the U/I characteristic curve.

Other Benefits:

  • Quick tripping of power circuit breakers - through SFB technology
  • Preventive function monitoring - reports critical operating states before errors occur
  • Reliable starting of complex loads - with power reserve POWER BOOST
  • Efficient functioning - of the 3-phase devices even if one phase fails permanently
  • Compensation of voltage drops - and recharging of batteries due to adjustable output voltage
  • Active function monitoring - through switching output for remote diagnostics
  • Outdoor installation permissible - 25 to 70˚C
  • High operational reliability - due to long mains buffering times > 20ms
  • Parallel connection possible - for increased performance and redundancy
  • High operational reliability - due to MTBF > 500,000hrs
  • Worldwide application - thanks to wide range input and international approval package

* 3.5 - 40 Amperes, 12V / 24V / 48V available