New Varistor Lightning Arrester

New varistor-based lightning arrester from Phoenix Contact - Network and signal quality

This ready-to-connect arrester blocks are specially designed for the requirements of Lightning Protection Levels III and IV.

This varistor-based plug-in lightning arrester for 3-phase power supply networks with common N and PE (4-conductor system: L1, L2, L3, PEN), for Lightning Protection Levels III and IV, with remote indication contact.

The new VAL-MS-T1/T2:

  • MOV based lightning arrestor TYPE 1
  • For lightning protection zone (LPZ) III and IV
  • Continuous pluggable -includes N-PE plug
  • Also suitable for 230/400 V AC networks with high voltage fluctuations
  • With integrated remote indication contact for continuous function monitoring

The new latching holds the connectors securely in place in the base element, even in the event of high electrodynamic forces caused by high lightning surge currents and strong vibrations at the installation location.

The latching can be released quickly and easily to carry out insulation measurements and tests.