Energy Measuring Technology

Phoenix Contact Energy Measuring Technology - Current Transformers with fast mounting

PACT Current Transformers

PACT current transformers convert currents of 1 A to 4000 A to secondary rated currents of 1 A AC or 5 A AC. There are almost 3000 types of PACT current transformers with different accuracy classes, capabilities and sizes.

Advantages at a glance

  • Wide range of possible applications
  • Safe isolation
  • Space-saving installation
  • Variable mounting options
  • Fast mounting
  • According EN 50178

Wide range of possible applications

PACT current transformers are available in a wide range of designs for all different kinds of connector and rail dimensions.

For standard applications, such as machine and plant engineering, the current transformers are available in versions that cannot be officially calibrated.

Transformers that can be calibrated are available for applications where high accuracy classes are required. We will be happy to make all arrangements for the official calibration of your current transducer, including preparing certificates.

Safe isolation

PACT current transformers are tested for the actual requirements of transformer standard EN 60044-1. However, IEC 50178 is relevant in terms of safety. This relates to the "electronic equipment for use in power installations". However, the PACT current transformer is piece-tested with an impulse withstand voltage of 12 kV instead of just 3 kV.

Safe insulation prevents spark over from occurring on the current transformer secondary side. This means that there is no risk to human life - inside or outside the control cabinet.

Space-saving installation

All transformers have a standard width of just 30 mm. The primary rail support is removable. This makes it possible to have the flat-lying installation on the power rail.

The measurement of currents in branch outlets from the supplying main rail is one example of a space-saving application. The conductive connection between this power rail and the branch outlet is established via a copper sleeve. This is inserted in the inner hole of the horizontal current transformer.

Variable mounting options

Thanks to their flexible usable primary rail support, the PACT current transformers can be mounted in various ways.

In addition to vertical and horizontal mounting positions, the optional DIN rail adapter allows you to mount on standard DIN rails. Besides that, slidable plug-in feet are available for vertical mounting on the control cabinet panel.